Play Therapy helps little ones under the age of 6 who have experienced trauma

Extracted from an article about a Trauma Centre in the US – how Play Therapy helps little ones who have been traumatised:

Donna Sandusky started taking her foster children — ages 3 through 6 — to the Lampion Center for extreme trauma counseling in January, she wasn’t sure how effective the sessions would be because the children were so young.

More than six months since starting sessions at the center, Sandusky said, she’s noticed a difference in the children’s behavior, especially with the youngest children.  “A lot of their personalities and true selves are coming out more,” she said. “It’s more fun, smiles. The youngest one doesn’t have to keep everything in anymore.”

While it’s not always easy to come up with the traumatic memories, she said the children seem happy to go there.  “Their overall demeanor is a lot more happiness,” she said. “True happiness.”

Click hereto get to the article from (1st August 2011)

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