Play Therapy works from within

Play Therapy works from within the child’s interior life

Behaviour management is important – it is important to work with things from the outside.  It provides structure in the outside life of the child – structure helps a child feel safe.

But, as with adults, deep and enduring change is best supported by movement and change in the interior life of the child.  Changes endure best when they happen from inside out (but not forgetting to support the child from the outside as well!)

Play Therapy is well equipped to work with the child’s interior world.  When counselling for children occurs through Play Therapy, the child’s experience of his/her interior world is projected onto the toys and playing in the therapeutic playroom.  In the company of the Play Therapist, the child can reshape and reform his/her experience and work through the things that are troubling or the things that are holding him/her back.  In this way, Play Therapy works from within.

AND, because Play Therapy is an experience, rather than talking, it is effective for children and  developmentally appropriate.


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