From Ruth

“When I first started looking for people to help my daughter (who was 4 at the time), most of the therapies I came across seemed ‘over the top’ for a small child. I discovered play therapy through Pek’s service and immediately connected with the idea of using something as natural as play to help her deal with the issues she faced (and continues to face). My daughter has gone from a stressed 4 year old laying on the floor pretending to be a baby to a 5 year old confident and caring little girl. Pek has become an important person in my daughter’s life and my daughter looks forward to each session. The principles behind play therapy can be applied to any given situation between a parent and child. As a parent, I learned so much by just talking with Pek about how to be truly present with my child. I would recommend play therapy to any parent whose child is experiencing difficulties in their life.”

From Anon

“My son (6 years) was suffering extreme anxiety with his ASD, resulting in him not wanting to make decisions and not being able to control his emotions when upset. Within a week of the first session of therapy, we saw him being more independent at home. With more sessions he has become more independent and confident in making decisions and recognising his emotions and trying not to let them control his behaviour. Pek’s clear instructions and genuine interest in us has resulted in me being able to conduct therapy sessions at home, and after every weekly session we notice a marked increase in his confidence and socialisation with others. I strongly recommend Perth Children’s Counselling to anyone that wants to help their child develop their confidence through understanding their own emotions and learning to trust in their own ability to make decisions.”

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