Through Play Therapy, first grade children have a better ability to self-direct and learn

Blanco, P. J., & Ray, D. C. (2011).  Play therapy in elementary schools: A best practice for improving academic achievement.  Journal of Counseling & Development, 89(2), 235-243.

An experimental group of 21 academically at risk first graders received biweekly, 30- minute child-centered play therapy (CCPT) sessions for 8 weeks and were compared to a wait-list control group of 20. The experimental group exhibited a statistically significant increase on the Early Achievement Composite of the Young Children’s Achievement Test (Hresko, Peak, Herron, & Bridges, 2000) than the control group. The authors surmised that experiencing CCPT led the children to develop “the ability to self-direct and accept responsibility” and be “more open to learning overall” (p. 240).

(Extracted from the Association for Play Therapy (US) Mining Report, August 2011)

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