Counselling children through Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful way of counselling for children.

When things are not going well, children know something is wrong but cannot seem to help themselves from the difficult behaviour.  Other children will refuse to talk about what “it” is.  Other children shrug and simply say they don’t know.  And they really may not know.  But what is certain is that the child will be feeling bad about it.  They will not be feeling good on the inside and no-one seems to be able to figure out what is happening.  Even the child that appears not to care – he/she will not be feeling good about things on the inside.

Child Centred Play Therapy is a gentle, non-threatening way of counselling children who are troubled.  For these children, there may be something within their interior life that is stopping them from being in life in a functional way.  When something is buried like this, the child may not be aware of what is stopping them from feeling better.  It can be difficult to find out what is the matter through talking.

The therapeutic playroom in Play Therapy is a safe space – everything the child feels, say sand does is acceptable (within therapeutic limits).  From this safety, whatever is within the child emerges and is expressed in how the child plays and the toys they choose.  This safety also means that they can start to express whatever it is within them – including what is holding them back.

Play is a natural drive in children and they can’t help themselves but play.  Play is a child’s work, and it becomes therapeutic when it occurs within the therapeutic playroom.

Parents: if this strikes a chord within you, do call Perth Children’s Counselling on 0403 914 072 to decide if Play Therapy is a good fit for your child.  At the initial parent consultation, we can look at what is happening.  You can then make an decision around whether Play Therapy at Perth Children’s Counselling is a good way forward your child.

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