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Play Therapy for helping children who have been traumatised

Play Therapy for helping children who have been traumatised In her article “Working with Children who have alleged sexual abuse”, Helen Kambouridis, a psychologist who specialises in working with children, talks about how Play Therapy is an appropriate treatment for the child: click here to read the […]

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Counselling children through Play Therapy – what happens

Changing children’s behaviour happens through the experience of Play Therapy. At Perth Children’s Counselling, Play Therapy provides therapeutic experiences which enable children to develop the capacity to self-regulate emotions, tolerate uncomfortable feelings and feel better about themselves.  They develop the capacity to work out their own strategies […]

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About Play Therapy at Perth Childrens Counselling

Perth Childrens Counselling’s approach to Play Therapy and counselling for children is well described in this video by Anne Murphy.  Anne describes how Play Therapy works and what it’s like to come to Play Therapy.  Take a look at our “For Parents” page and/or click here for […]

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Play Therapy works from within

Play Therapy works from within the child’s interior life Behaviour management is important – it is important to work with things from the outside.  It provides structure in the outside life of the child – structure helps a child feel safe. But, as with adults, deep and […]

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The Play Therapist as a child’s “confident companion” into “the scary places of self-discovery”

When a problem is on the surface, talking, explaining and teaching the behaviour is often the best approach.  At other times, something deep inside the child’s interior life is the difficulty. When this is the case, children may avoid facing thoughts and feelings if they have to […]

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Counselling children through Play Therapy

Play Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful way of counselling for children. When things are not going well, children know something is wrong but cannot seem to help themselves from the difficult behaviour.  Other children will refuse to talk about what “it” is.  Other children shrug and […]

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Play Therapy helps little ones under the age of 6 who have experienced trauma

Extracted from an article about a Trauma Centre in the US – how Play Therapy helps little ones who have been traumatised: Donna Sandusky started taking her foster children — ages 3 through 6 — to the Lampion Center for extreme trauma counseling in January, she wasn’t […]

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Specialist training: Play Therapy clinic in Dallas for training nearly 100 Masters-level Counselling students in Play Therapy skills

Click herefor link to article “Counseling and Play Therapy Clinic a well-kept secret in Dallas”. “We provide services to many people, including minorities who are otherwise under-resourced and children who are abused, traumatized and neglected. That is what ignited this passion in me. That is what we […]

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Play Therapy: Counselling and Psychotherapy for young children

“Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT)………..follows the principles of Client-Centered Therapy of creating a non-judgmental, emotionally supportive therapeutic atmosphere, but with clear boundaries that provide the child with psychological safety to permit the learning of emotional and behavioral self-regulation. Research has validated that this is a powerful method for […]

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Anger management and Play Therapy

Child Centred Play Therapy works with the child’s anger by looking at the whole person of the child.  We listen to what has happened and what is currently happening to them in life. When a child has a lot of anger, it is possible that something is […]

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