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Play Therapy may be helpful for classroom anxiety

Play Therapy can help classroom anxiety. Click here to read an article on classroom anxiety: Play Therapy may be very helpful for young children who are experiencing these symptoms. Behavioural methods can provide excellent strategies but, sometimes, more is needed. Play Therapy helps the anxious child learn what it feels like […]

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Why Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a way in which children can express their thoughts and feelings in a way that’s natural to them.

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What is Play Therapy?

What is Play Therapy?  Video for parents.

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Play Therapy helps children express their thoughts and feelings

Children express themselves through play and action, rather than words.  Play Therapy is the natural, developmentally-appropriate way of counselling young children.  

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Why is Play Therapy a good way of counselling children?

Children are not naturally able to verbalise their feelings and provide measured and reasonable explanations for their behaviour.  It would be so much easier if they did!  Play Therapy is a way for children to work through their issues in a way that comes naturally to them […]

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Counselling children through Play Therapy – what happens

Changing children’s behaviour happens through the experience of Play Therapy. At Perth Children’s Counselling, Play Therapy provides therapeutic experiences which enable children to develop the capacity to self-regulate emotions, tolerate uncomfortable feelings and feel better about themselves.  They develop the capacity to work out their own strategies […]

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Play Therapy successfully helps children at risk

The UT Reach Project headed by Jeff Cochran and Nancy Cochran (University of Tennessee, USA) utilises Child Centred Play Therapy to work therapeutically with children in schools. Children are able to use Play Therapy to express their feelings.  Play Therapy helps them develop the capacity to self-regulate […]

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Play Therapy helps children work through their aggression

Play Therapy helps children work through aggressive behaviour.  There can be many reasons that underlie and child’s aggression and Play Therapy is very helpful in helping children work through the underlying factors and, importantly, helps them develop their strengths and inner resources so that they can become […]

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Children express their whole selves in Play Therapy

“You see a child play and it is so close to seeing an artist paint, for in play a child says things without uttering a word.  You can see how he solves his problems.  You can also see what’s wrong.  Young children, especially, have enormous creativity and, […]

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Play Therapy provides an environment that allows the child to reconnect to the natural joy that lies within all children

Play Therapy provides an environment that allows them to reconnect to the joy within. My role as the therapist is to accompany your child on the journey back, through and beyond. Therapeutic play occurs in the presence of a Play Therapist who, within the context of a […]

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