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Children need to tell their story or their story will tell them

Children need to tell their story. If they don’t tell their story, their story will tell them. This means that their story will get told, no matter what. Usually, this will occur through their behaviour e.g. anxiety, anger, acting out etc.  They may talk about their story […]

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Why play therapy for counselling for children? (UK video)

Children express themselves and explore their feelings best when in play, rather than words. The child does not have to explain themselves in words: rather,they demonstrate and show their thoughts and feelings through their play, their actions and relationship with the therapist.

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Play Therapy and managing behaviour

Children are often taught strategies to manage their emotions and behaviour.  Sometimes this works well and at other times, the results are variable. What may be happening is that strong, underlying emotions may be, for instance, (1) preventing the child from applying strategies they already know, (2) […]

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Boston Schools employ private Play Therapists to help children with behavioural issues

Schools in Boston (USA) are increasingly turning to private clinicians to deliver mental health services to behaviouraly troubled students:

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A father connecting with his baby daughter

A warm fuzzy…….eye-to-eye contact, smiling, interacting with new born babies helps form the foundation of life-long connection between parent and child.  This father is meeting his child.  He is right there and, in the moment, he is focusing only on his daughter. This is what all children […]

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