Play Therapy may be helpful for classroom anxiety

Play Therapy can help classroom anxiety. Click here to read an article on classroom anxiety:

Play Therapy may be very helpful for young children who are experiencing these symptoms. Behavioural methods can provide excellent strategies but, sometimes, more is needed. Play Therapy helps the anxious child learn what it feels like to be in control, and also gives them a place where they can begin to release the tension that has built up within them from feeling constantly anxious. They also learn and internalise the sense that their feelings are ok and that they are ok. They start to feel happier and feel better about themselves. They come to a place where they are better placed to cope with their anxiety: the anxiety dissipates and/or they are better placed to either find their own strategies to deal with their emotions, or are better placed to take advantage of the behavioural strategies they have been taught.

Do contact us a Perth Children’s Counselling if you feel that this approach may benefit your child. We incorporate parent support, where required.

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