What Play Therapy Can Help

What Play Therapy Can Help

Play Therapy can be helpful to children who may be experiencing any of the difficulties shown below.  Note that situations can be complex, subtle and individual to your child/family, so do contact Pek and make an appointment to see if Play Therapy is a good fit for your child and you.

Note that in countries where Play Therapy is readily accessible, Play Therapy is often the therapy of choice for children struggling with many of these issues.  Click here and here to see news articles about Play Therapy Clinics in America where over a thousand children might attend in any one year.

Some Areas Where Play Therapy May Help

Emotional Behavioural and Social Difficulties:
  • Undue anger, aggression, anxiety, fear, sadness, worry, shyness
  • Sense of self e.g. self esteem, self-acceptance, confidence
  • Sleeping & eating difficulties
  • Selective Mutism
  • Enuresis, encopresis
  • Trauma e.g. witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, accidents etc.
  • Trauma debriefing
School Difficulties
  • Adjustment: new school, settling down, getting on with others
  • Behavioural issues
  • Social issues e.g. friends, bullying or being bullied etc.
  • Emotional issues stemming from the stress of having learning difficulties, attentional difficulties etc.
Birth & Identity
  • Bonding and attachment
  • Fostering, adoption, identity
Adjusting To Life and Family Changes
  • Family breakdown, parental conflict, separation, divorce
  • Family change: new siblings, blended families
  • Grief and loss
  • Attachment issues
  • Adjusting to migration
  • Child’s or family member’s previous or current illness/hospitalisation
  • Physical symptoms without medical cause

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